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Draenor Dungeon Event

For this week's 德拉诺地下城活动 bonus event, defeating enemies in Heroic or Mythic Draenor dungeons will award you with various Draenor reputations. You will have the buff 使者印记 which will grant you the reputation. In addition, you can pick up the quest 战争的使者 (Complete 4 Mythic Draenor dungeons) which awards an 钢铁舰队宝箱 and 500 Valor. This cache contains a Heroic-level Hellfire Citadel item.

There are eight dungeons total: Auchindoun, Bloodmaul Slag Mines, Everbloom, Grimrail Depot, Iron Docks, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, Skyreach, Upper Blackrock Spire. Click on the links to view strategy guides for each dungeon.


To gain even more reputation in dungeons, build a Level 3 Trading Post for a 20% gain.
There are lots of rewards from Draenor Reputations, including mounts, toys, pets, titles, and gear.
Check out all of our detailed Draenor Reputation Guides.


  • You can use the LFD tool in game to queue right into your dungeon.
  • You can queue with a full party of five, or if you have fewer members the tool will fill the party for you.
  • To Solo Queue for Warlords Heroics, you must obtain Silver Proving Grounds. Learn how to complete Proving Grounds with our guide.
  • You can complete achievements in Heroic mode, working towards 德拉诺英雄的荣耀 which awards 霜原斗猪
  • You can complete the quests you have for toys, pets, gear and more from your 坠月旅店 / 霜壁旅社 等级3 while you are queing this weekend. You can see a full list of rewards here. This weekend is a great time to get through your old Inn quests for 驻足倾听, which awards a Level 3 Inn and unlocks Treasure Missions.
  • Check out all of our detailed Draenor Dungeon Guides.
  • Also, check out our Guide to Glory of the Draenor Hero.

Mythic Dungeons

  • Valor: With the new 勇气点数 system in 6.2.3, you can use these Draenor Dungeon weekends to earn valor: Completing your first Heroic of the day awards 勇气点数, as well as any Mythic dungeons completed.
  • Mythic Dungeon Loot: Mythic Dungeons now have a chance to award items ranging from item level 685 to 725 in 5-item-level increments.
  • Mythic Dungeon bosses now also have a chance to drop a new Heirloom Trinket that will scale up to level 110.
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